At the front of machine-to-machine (M2M) and connected vehicle technologies state-of-art, XOPS is a supervisory control platform for scheduling, tracking and optimizing mobile operations of airside ground support equipment (GSE) in airport.

XOPS customers are aircraft ground handling service companies or airport authorities with a high level of requirement in productivity and safety. Aircraft ground handling services address baggages, passengers, fuel, catering and cargo transportation between the time the aircraft arrives at a terminal gate and the time it departs on its next flight. Speed and accuracy are important in order to minimize the time during which the aircraft must remain parked at the gate and also to improve the level of airside safety. XOPS is made to reach such speed and accuracy.

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Optimized planification and managment of all mobile equipment

Schedule and Optimization

More control over movements and operations of the GSE fleet

Tracking Content

Scanning of container label and registration in XOPS.

Cargo containers & baggages

Different types of objects can be uploaded (type, size, tasks). A variety of options can be developed from XOPS.

Personalized Menu

Secured application for different types of tasks and users.

Easy administration of users

Different views windows, Gantt profiles, probability and statistic on your data set.

Mobile application

XOPS offers portability and control options for every task you need.

Different systems setup configuration

We offer services and updates on mobile & server application part each semester.
Our solutions are tailor-made according to the specifications of the client and include the entire process from concept analysis and design to long-term service & support including operations and maintenance.


  • Optimized planification and managment of all mobile equipment : Intelligent scheduling and allocation XOPS software monitors and optimizes work plans by acquiring and processing in real-time flights information, human-equipment resources availability, source-destination points, and corrresponding travel times.

  • XOPS user can monitor all the tasks for a specific flight : mobile ground equipments, drivers, status (completed, running, not yet started) and resources employability.

  • The difference with others airport fleet management systems is that XOPS provides much more control over movements and operations of the GSE fleet

Schedule and Optimization

Detailed mobile position


  • Detailed mobile asset position monotoring via GPS : XOPS pilots automatically the movement of GSE and drivers on events occuring in real time such as redirection to new terminal gate or delay of aircrafts.

  • XOPS allows to redraw on a map the itinerary path of a selected equipment in a certain time period


  • Task segment can be partially green (container has been picked up from aircraft) and partially red (container not yet delivered to destination terminal). Task segment length is the duration.

  • As cargo containers and baggages are being loaded & unloaded to & from aircraft, their labels are scaned.

  • Their identification data are then transmitted to XOPS server application that time stamps all loading & unloading events.

Tracking Content

Automatic Reassignment


  • XOPS displays all flight details of each flight in the flight planning status panel as well as all {driver; mobile equipment} units that are assigned to a flight.If a {“Driver-01”; “Bus-01”} unit has finished a mission, both Driver-01 and Bus-01 will be automatically reassigned to a next mission.


  • XOPS embedded application for drivers is available on Windows Mobile and Andro├»d operating systems.

  • All scheduled task for a {driver; mobile equipment} unit are categorized in different colors and displayed on the driver’s mobile device.

  • Driver has to confirm the status change of a task (e.g. a bus driver has to confirm all passengers have left the bus) before proceeding to the next location.

Mobile driver application