01. Intro

Nowadays we see innovation everywhere, especially related to technology. But how does innovation get created? How is it developed and matured in order to bring value to people?

Researchers from Crispico Resonate want to share the art of innovation with passionate IT students, through an original contest.
You will:

  • Learn by doing,
  • Think together with experienced researchers,
  • Program ideas into code,
  • And …

… Win Prizes

  • 1st prize
    place will be awarded 300 EUR
  • 2st prize
    place will be awarded 200 EUR
  • 3st prize
    place will be awarded 100 EUR

Internship & Job opportunities

02. Teaser

Our innovation focuses on Arduino users. Our research indicates that a large amount of Arduino users don’t feel comfortable with the C/C++ development language (because of various reasons: people with hardware experience, but little dev experience, children, etc.).

We would like to propose a visual programming environment that would simplify the programming of an Arduino board.

Our innovation journey includes the following steps:

  • Are there other technologies? Do they solve the problem?
  • Have we got better ideas to solve the problem?
  • Are there tools/technologies that we may reuse? We don’t want to reinvent the wheel!
  • Proposed solution: dry run (i.e. run it in our mind)
  • Proposed solution: write code to implement it



Date = Saturday, March 28th, 2015. Duration = about 5 hours (from 10:00 ~ 15:00). Place = Biblioteca centrala UPB. Individual contest.

Participants need to bring a laptop, with a functional Eclipse installation. Together with Java coding skills, technical thinking & OOP skills & creativity.

A few words on the event

Learn 2 Innovate is an original contest. It’s different compared to other types of events (e.g. hackaton). We will compress an innovation journey in approx. 5h. We’ll work on a visual programming language for Arduino, and we’ll solve a real life automation exercise (using the solution that we’ll develop together): program an intelligent control panel for an electricity generator.

We will guide you carefully throughout the whole event. All the participants will earn valuable knowledge, that comes from experienced researchers @ Crispico Resonate that are everyday “in the trenches” of the fight for innovation. Of course, the top performing participants will be rewarded additionally (prizes, internship/job opportunities).

Learn 2 Innovate will be an AWESOME experience!


There is a pre-selection process involved. Candidates need to fill the registration form (cf. button below). Latest date: Friday, March 27th, 2015 23:59. The candidates selected for participation will be contacted by mail & phone.

Facebook event (updates + other info) …

… can be found here!

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