Crispico Resonate. We generate innovation through research.

Research & Development

Our primary focus is R&D, which we metamorphose into highly innovative products.

Industry Sectors

Tools for software developers. Intelligent transport systems. Multimedia processing.


Romania (Bucharest), France (Paris), U.K. (Heathrow), U.S.A. (Boston)


Interactive and Flexible Gantt Diagram Library for Apache Flex

A library that can be easily customized according to needs of the business. Flexible. Highly interactive. Highly customizable.

Performance is a priority. Gantt4Flex is based on FlexDiagram library (our component used in the Flower Platform family of products, e.g. UML4AS – UML for ActionScript and Flex). It contains intelligent algorithms (that overcome some limitations of the Flash platform) that make possible to have a large number

Exemplary support.

Develop rapidly enterprise applications, using diagrams, smart code generation and bi-directional MDA (Model Driven Architecture)

Flower Platform Community is a desktop application, distributed as an add-on for either Eclipse IDE or IntelliJ Idea IDE.

Users can create and edit diagrams that drive unidirectional code generation, for the Java back-end.

The generation mechanism uses the concept of “metamodels”. They can be modified by users and hot reloaded, without needing to restart the application.

Flower Platform Professional is a web application that can runs in a JEE container (e.g. Apache Tomcat).

Multiple users can collaborate on diagrams.

Bidirectional code synchronization is supported. Code is generated from diagrams; and diagrams are updated after parsing manual modifications. HTML5 user interface is generated as well.

Flower Platform Enterprise is distributed as a virtual machine image. It can run e.g. within a VM container, such as VMware or similar.

Besides the diagramming/code synchronization module, there is an advanced deploy & build system, 2 application servers (test + prod), 2 data base servers (test + prod).

Flower Platform Enterprise allows users to use the complete flow (design, code generation, deploy, running tests, running in prod) directly from the web browser, without the need to install additional tools.

The generated application contains horizontal features, needed for production apps: user management, administrative interface for monitoring parameters, audit module (for logging operations), etc.
Setup and development instructions are similar to Flower Platform Community.

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Developer Friendly UML Editor. For Java and ActionScript/Flex

Tight integration with Eclipse based IDEs and minimum overhead

Easy navigation from code class diagrams functional diagrams (use case, activity, etc.)
Code generation, reverse engineer, round trip and conflicts solving

Optimized/fast algorithm that works silently in background (similar to Eclipse CTRL+S => project build)
UML4AS – UML for ActionScript and Flex is a part of Flower Modeling Platform, a product line that will be soon enriched with other highly productive tools for developers
The development team has extended experience with large enterprise projects (with RIA front ends). We have intimate knowledge on what modeling tools need to do (and what not to do) in order to help and improve productivity and quality.

Intelligent Transport System. Visualize, Manage, Optimize

Innovative Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Connected Vehicle system for operational management and mobility supervisory of critical infrastructures.

Main customers are currently airport companies (airports, airlines, handling agents) for improvement of airport airside safety, security and productivity.

XOPS is also suitable for smart city projects and industrial sites such as power plants or factories with high requirement in control of vehicle mobility and related operations.

Software-defined Video System for Large Scale Video Processing

Distributed software-defined video (SDV) system for large scale triple video processing (transcoding, analysis and just-in-time editing) requirements of OTT (over-the-top of Internet) video-on-demand service providers, video CDN (content delivery networks) and video surveillance operators.


Software Engineering

We provide high quality software engineering based on custom specification. We have extended expertise in areas such as:

Programming languages: Java, C/C++, ActionScript/Flex, JavaScript/HTML5/CSS
Frameworks: Java EE, Spring, Hibernate, GWT, Vaadin, Apache CXF, Qt
Mobile: Android, Apache Cordova (cross platform mobile apps), Java ME, Symbian
Technologies: DirectShow, FFMPEG, GPAC, cross platform development (Windows, Linux, Max; 32/64 bit)

Consultancy and Knowledge Transfer

MPEG-4: audio and video coding and carriage with rich media
3GPP, ISMA and HTTP Adamtive Streaming: audio and vidéo delivery over IP on Internet and mobile networks
Machine-to-marchine (M2M) and connected vehicle services
OMA: mobile services interoperability including Digital Rights Management use cases
TDMB: multimedia digital terrestrial radio

Project Management

Project management of complex projects in various business areas, such as multimedia, video-on-demand (VoD) projects over-the-top (OTT) of Internet.